Bell & Gossett Coalescing Removal Separators – CRS

Features/Benefits of Bell & Gossett Coalescing Removal Separators – CRS :

  • Improved system efficiency:
    • Lowers energy costs and improves comfort by removing poor heat transfer media like air and sediment from system fluid
  • Removal of system impurities:
    • Removes up to 100% of free air and 100% of entrained air from your hydronic system
    • Removes sediment to 30 μm within 100 passes
  • Prolonged system performance:
    • Improves and extends the life of your system components
    • Withstands system operating conditions to provide long life expectancy, thanks to a robust design with stainless steel coalescing media
  • Expanded capabilities:
  • Air and sediment combo
  • Air only
  • Sediment only
  • Standard velocity
  • High velocity
  • Removable coalescing media

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