Goulds Aquavar e-AB Series (e-AB2&e-AB3)

For Typical Residential Applications(Goulds Aquavar e-AB Series (e-AB2&e-AB3)):  

e-AB2 Variable Speed Pump Controller

 (1 & 2 hp model configurations)

  • Reduces up to 50% of the energy required by a fixed speed pump
  • Delivers a boost up to 30 GPM at 70 PSI
  • Controller arrives pre-wired for ease of installation
  • 2 gallon tank included for options 1-3
  • 5 gallon tank for options 4-7

e-AB3 Smart Pump Range, Packaged Pumping System

(1/2, 3/4, 1 & 2 hp model configurations)

  • Boosting pressures and energy reductions equal to that of the e-AB2 plus
  • Ultra-premium efficiency means:
    • Features the Xylem Smart Motor, an ultra-premium IE5 permanent magnet motor and provides:
      • Efficiency well above a standard IE3 NEMA premium efficient asynchronous induction motor
      • Average of 15% in energy savings when compared to similar pumps in the market
    • Easy to install:
      • Includes a complete kit for installation: pump, Smart Motor, gauge, tank and tee
      • Programmed to motor electrical characteristics, just select “set pressure”
    • Quiet operation:
      • High efficiency hydraulics, motor and thick metal pump body keep the noise level to a minimum

For Larger Residential and Commercial Applications (Goulds Aquavar e-AB Series (e-AB2&e-AB3)):


(3 & 5 hp model configurations)

  • Delivers a boost up to 80 GPM at 70 psi.
  • Intelligent Pumping with an Aquavar IPC Variable Speed Controller:
    • Easier start-up and programming with the Start-Up Genie
    • Hand On, Off and Auto-On buttons available for easy pump operation
    • at the keypad
    • No toggling between local and remote operation
    • System redundancy with multi-master control in case of drive failure
    • System protection from overvoltage, undervoltage, blocked
    • suction, cavitation, NPSHa, phase loss, short circuit, transducer failure and motor current overload
    • Pump run out and dry running protection
  • Expanded capabilities:
    • NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R enclosures expand installation options
    • Duplex operation for lead/lag and alternation

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