KVC UK Ltd specialises in the Design and Manufacture of Ball Valves for the Oil, Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pipeline and Water Industries worldwide. KVC valves are used in offshore, onshore and sub-sea applications. The Management of the Company has many years experience in the Valve Industry. The organisation and flexibility of the company allows KVC UK Ltd to offer short lead-times, even on non standard valves. All valves are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are fully tested before leaving the factory.

KVC UK Ltd is part of the Federal International (2000) Group. This long standing relationship coupled with KVC own expertise has allowed KVC UK Ltd to grow and develop into KVC current and ever improving place within the market. As part of a large multi-national group.

KVC UK Ltd has the benefit and experience of KVC United Kingdom based operations together with worldwide access to KVC parent company resources and KVC numerous sister companies. These valuable resources afford KVC global reach, whilst allowing local access and understanding of both global and local markets. Allowing KVC to provide local technical support in almost any region.